The big house of Culture


Culturgal is a big house constructed from the various building blocks of culture: The written Word, audio-visual creations, the performing arts, music, design, internet and new technologies. It is a house with doors and windows always open to the whole of society. This unique annual event is now ready to celebrate its fifth edition and it is already a major event for the creative industries of Galicia.

The Galician Cultural Industries Trade Fair is much more than just another professional meet and greet. Culturgal is a kind of pilgrimage, bringing together thousands of people keen to get to know first-hand all the latest publications, to discover the next big things in music and the glamour of audio-visual entertainment, to witness the magic of the performing arts, to unearth the latest cutting edge applications of new technologies as well as finding out about some of the most left-field proposals during three days of non-stop activity. Three days of intense team working makes the fair a prime meeting place for the movers and shakers in the industry, a place for reflection and learning, a place for sharing experiences and imagining new projects based on collaboration and mutual support.

Culturgal is organised by a group made up of the most important professional associations in the industry: The Galician Publishers Association (Asociación Galega de Editores (AGE)), The Galician Association of Performing Arts Companies (Asociación Galega de Empresas de Artes Escénicas (Escena Galega)), The Galician Association of Record Labels (Asociación Galega de Produtoras Fonográficas (Agaphono)), Galician Companies Dedicated to Internet and New Technologies (Empresas Galegas Adicadas a Internet e ás Novas Tecnoloxías (Eganet)) and the Galician Association of Independent Producers (Asociación Galega de Produtoras Independentes (Agapi)). The fair is grateful for the sponsorship from Galician Government, the Pontevedra City Council and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport and the collaboration of more than 30 entities and companies. In the field of Cultural Industries, Culturgal is, without any doubt, the project with the widest ranging network of governmental, associate and business collaborators.

Culturgal is the home of Culture in Galicia. It’s your home. Come on in and see what’s cooking!

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